Archival Notes 1

How did the Vietnam Era- US Left understand the Palestinian National Liberation Movement? I’ve been using the Independent Voices, An Open Access Collection of Alternative Press to get a sense.

Here are a few findings!

Featured Image: Liberation News Service (1970)

Rising Up Angry 1969 vol 1 issue 4 copy

Rising Up Angry (1969) The Palestinian Liberation Organization is understood alongside the Liberation Armed Commandos in Puerto Rico and the People’s Army in Vietnam.

Rising Up Angry Volume 2 Issue 1 1970 copy

Rising Up Angry (1970)

Off Our Backs Volume 1 Issue 12 (1970) Sharon Rose pt 1 copy 2

Off Our Backs (1970), “The Birth of A Revolution, On Being A Counter Tourist,” by Sharon Rose and Cathy Tackney, page 1 of 3

OOB-Sharon Rose Pt 2 copy 2.jpg

Off Our Backs, part 2 of 3 (1970)

OOB-Sharon Rose pt 3 copy 3

Off Our Backs (1970) part 3 of 3


This is just a small sample of archival from the Vietnam Era alternative press in the United States relating to the Palestinian National Liberation Movement. Al-Fateh’s vision for a secular, democratic state for all of Palestine’s citizens is affirmed multiple times in these brief examples. Peace is also a mentioned goal, but one that will be earned through struggle and even revolutionary violence. The revolutionary aspirations of the PLO are understood within a context of an anti-colonial international, alongside the struggles for an independent Puerto Rico and Vietnam.

The article by Sharon Rose and Cathy Tackney in feminist magazine Off Our Backs is of particular interest to me because it is so in depth. Sharon Rose was also a visible advocate for Jewish women’s issues and an innovator of Women’s Seders.

More to come!

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