Archival Notes 1

How did the Vietnam Era- US Left understand the Palestinian National Liberation Movement? I've been using the Independent Voices, An Open Access Collection of Alternative Press to get a sense. Here are a few findings! Featured Image: Liberation News Service (1970) Rising Up Angry (1969) The Palestinian Liberation Organization is understood alongside the Liberation Armed… Continue reading Archival Notes 1

Eddie Balchowsky, Portrait of a Chicago Jewish Radical

On Feburary 10th I presented at "Eddie Balchowksy, Portrait of a Chicago Jewish Radical," put together by Rabbi Brant Rosen, of Tzedek Chicago and co-sponsored by the Chicago Workmen's Circle. The night started off with a Havdallah service, the Jewish ritual for the end of the Shabbat and the start of the work week, lead… Continue reading Eddie Balchowsky, Portrait of a Chicago Jewish Radical