Published Writing



“The Skokie March That Wasn’t” Jewish Currents, Fall 2018 

I researched the forgotten history of the Chutzpah collective, a small group of Jewish Socialists in Chicago in the 1970’s, and their opposition to a group of neo-nazis who infamously threatened to march in to the suburb of Skokie, known for its considerable Jewish population among which were many holocaust survivors.


“Finding Jewish Community In Tattoos” February 13, 2019, Jewish Currents

I interviewed Joey Nicholson, a queer Jewish tattoo artist who for for 11 years has made bold, American traditional-themed tattoos, oftentimes with Jewish symbolism. I spoke to Joey about their distinctive artwork and about tattoos as a means of processing grief and Jewish identity

“Movement Ecology: A New Way to Mobilize for Mideast Peace” August 21, 2018  Jewschool, American Jewish Peace Archive

I wrote about ‘movement ecology’ for the American Jewish Peace Archive. This organizing principle was developed by Mark and Paul Engler which has influenced contemporary activists, and is being applied in the struggle against the Israeli occupation by IfNotNow.

“What Does Vietnam Have to Do With Tisha B’Av?” July 26, 2018, Jewish Currents

Most Jews who observe Tisha B’Av spend it mourning in synagogue. I wrote about the Chutzpah Jewish Liberation Collective who in 1972 spent this holiday in the streets—presaging today’s era of political ritual.

“Protocols of the Youths of Zion” February 13, 2018, Jewish Currents

I wrote about the emergence of a new publication for the Jewish Left, Protocols. I interviewed editor Ben Ratskoff and contributor and film maker Hannah Roodman. As much a critical space for the American Jewish Left as it is an arena to wrestle with the resurgence of antisemtism in the past few years, I found the first issue to be provocative, entertaining, insightful, and at times, confusing.

“Remembering Myron Perlman” December 21, 2017, Jewish Currents

Myron passed away on December 19th. His friendship and story changed my life. I wrote about his spirit and my memory of him for Jewish Currents.

“Jewish Anarchists on Solidarity, Tradition, and that Goyishe Thanksgiving” November 27, 2017, Jewish Currents

The day before Thanksgiving 2017 I interviewed two Jewish Anarchists about their experience at an anti-fracking blockade in Olympia, Washington.

“This Year’s Forward 50 Was a Gift to Trump Supporters” November 9, 2017, Jewish Currents

I wrote this article for Jewish Currents about the Forward, the largest American Jewish publication, and their decision to include Laura Loomer, a self described ‘alt right’ Jew as one of the 50 most influentials Jews of 2017, while at the same time excluding anyone left of center.